Meet MRC

Maryvale Revitalization Corporation (MRC), a 501c3 nonprofit, was founded by community leaders in January 2005 with an original focus on the physical revitalization of the community. Thanks to the dedication and passion of its volunteer board of directions, staff and community stakeholders, MRC has been the regional leader serving as the collective voice and vision of the Maryvale village.

Today MRC is stronger and more robust than ever. Serving as the motivating catalyst for the economic, social and physical renaissance in Maryvale, MRC is the collaborative central agency that supports and amplifies the work of local non-profits, faith-based communities, government initiatives, schools and local businesses serving West Phoenix.

Life is good in Maryvale. And it can get even better.

In one word, Maryvale means OPPORTUNITY.

The largest of Phoenix’s 15 villages, Maryvale holds 5% of Arizona’s population in its 37 square miles. It would be the 4th largest city in Arizona if it stood on its own.

Maryvale is the youngest community in Arizona, with 41% of population under 19 years old. The median resident age is 26 years old and 94% of all residents are working age (under 60).

There is space for everyone in Maryvale. From commercial to residential development, there are existing real estate opportunities with plenty of room to grow.

This means Maryvale is home to Arizona’s current and future leaders and workforce.

Quality and innovative education, clear pathways to workforce development, and retail and commercial opportunities are the keys to Maryvale’s and Arizona’s economic prosperity.

If they say it takes a village, we have one. Come join us.

MRC Programs & Impact. Connect Support

MRC is led by a dedicated group of committed and experienced community leaders.

Board of Directors

Jacob Zonn

Tiffany & Bosco

Eric Solomon

JP Morgan Chase

Sebastian Porchini

First Bank

Jo Barry

Wells Fargo Bank

Brandon Brooks

Gregory & Associates

Andrew Daugherty

Milwaukee Brewers

Ray Faussane
Past Chair

PC Systems of Arizona

Carol Harder
Past Chair

Red Mountain Retail Group

Jamie Johnson


Dale Larsen

Arizona State University

Claude Mattox
Past Chair

Molera Alvarez

Joaquin Maza

GB Family Care

Diane McCarthy
Past Chair


Jim Miller
Past Chair

John F. Long Properties

Josh Stine
Past Chair

Boys & Girls Club

Faith Weese

Grand Canyon University


Jeff Armor
Executive Director

Jaime Lyn Gonzales
Director of Programming